Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick Write - Eden

My imaginary Eden would be bright. Beautiful blue skies, sun shining, and not a dark cloud in sight. This would be a place with no judgements, and insecurities would not control any thought process. This is a place where faith takes a big role. Everyone has something to put their hope in, and no matter wha the circumstances are, we always comes out stronger in the end. My loved ones would be here, stress would be subsided, and people would be filled with not only happiness, but joy. 

Ideally, another Eden that I have would be sitting on stage, front row, black dress, black dots on the pages in front of me, no audience to be seen; just the conductor. I would have the most beautiful, lyrical, professional solo placed on the stand in front of me and not a nervous bone in my body. I would play my flute with grace, unafraid of making a mistake. The people around me would be my second family, all supportive of anyone in this orchestra. As I look around the room, everyone would be working towards one goal, one beautiful song that would make jaws drop. 

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