Sunday, 20 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

Six Word Memoirs: Grade B

This project was one that I have enjoyed, but not completed. It was something new and very different. I've never been told to sum up something about my life in six words. It got me thinking more in depth about myself and how to approach what I was trying to get across in the image. The pictures were the easiest thing to find. The only part I found hard about this was coming up with words that made sense to the reader. I definitely could have gone more in depth looking back on it, but I can also make some changes to the ones that haven't been posted yet.

Ignite Presentation: Grade A

I thought my presentation went well, and that I handed my assignment in, in a timely matter. It was a little bit stressful for me because I felt I was a little bit of a scatter brain. One idea would come up and then another directly afterwards, and sequencing the slides didn't go as well for me as I had hoped. Over all, I could have been more organized, and tried to calm myself down a little bit more as well. However, I do believe that my peers enjoyed what I had to say. Through this presentation I learned how to connect with audience on a different level than just speaking at someone. The purpose of these presentations are to inform, and I think everyone in the class did a great job of expressing what they were passionate about. It was different to have the option of what we wanted to talk about, rather than having it handed to us. I think that turned me a little bit sideways, but when I think about previous years, I remember always wanting my teachers to let us have our own topic. Having that choice was a good kind of different.  

Blogging: Grade C

Above all, this has been my biggest setback. I have not been on the ball with posting my assignments on time, or visiting others' blogs. Recently I started adding some personal posts. Initially it hadn't really clicked that the blog was more than just a place to store your assignments. As I add more things I do become more familiar with it, it's just a different way of learning. Posting on my peers blogs is something that I need to start doing, as I have neglected it so far.

Connecting and Engaging: Grade C

I think that I could definitely do a better job of participating in class discussions, and commenting on blogs. I have pushed that to the side when I shouldn't have. I do attend class on a regular basis, but generally I don't always get my work done in class, which is something that I am working on.

3 Goals:

1) Complete all missing assignments, and hand in assignments on time.
2) Participate in class discussion, and other class activities.
3) Regularly update my blog with personal posts.

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