Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Februrary 25/14 
My creative writing class skyped a grade three class in Thompson today. It was a pretty fun experience, though pretty short as well. It was interesting to get to see the kids reactions even though we couldn't actually hear them. Everyone had a great time and from what we could tell, so did the kids. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick Write - Sevenly

This is a quote that I have heard many times. I'm a stress ball and sometimes I have really good days, but others are really bad. I get angry if I make a mistake and sometimes that sets off my bad day. A girl in one of the younger grades that I have grown pretty close to told me about everything that had gone wrong in her day. It was astounding to hear all of it, but the most surprising part was that she was cautious, but ready to forgive. At the end of her rant she said "I know it's just a bad day and not a bad life," and that was when it sort of clicked for me. I had been taking everything so seriously that I never stopped to think "I will survive." Often times I think days in advance and I get overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done, but something that this girl taught me was to not give up. I have been so blessed with everything in my life and countless opportunities have been placed at my feet. My life is not bad. 


Quick Write - Because of..

I have a lot of people who influence my life in different ways, and my basketball coach is only one of them. Everyone on the team would agree that we have never had a coach who was as invested in our off court lives as well as on court. Everyone needs someone to turn to when they're going through a rough spot, and time and time again my coach has been there for me. He's helped me realize that I do not always have to please people, I have to be comfortable with my own mind, I will make mistakes but I have to keep looking forward, and that I should invest my time in those who would make the effort to invest the time in with me. Always look for people with a good heart. 

Quick Write - Which Door?

Through the doors given, I would definitely pick the hogwarts door. I know this door the best and in knowing the Harry potter stories, there is bound to be lots of mystery and adventure. It would be a whole new world with something other than a paper and pen to write with in math class. I would walk through the dining hall all prepared to eat at a huge feast, and hoping to receive a new broom stick from hedwig. I grew up watching this series and reading it with my dad, pretending to defeat the dark lord with the wave of a wand. This door will be the most suspenseful, and in my opinion, with the most excitement.