Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Procedural Writing - How to Snapchat Your Friends (Responsibly)

Step one: Got to the App Store on your apple or android device. Type the word "Snapchat" into your search bar, and hit download. 
Step Two: go to your homepage and open your brand new snapchat app! 
Step Three: Go to the list icon. Once on the new page, go to the "add a person" icon, which is a picture of the person with a plus sign. 

Step Four: Type in your friends usernames to find them.

Step Five: Hit the camera icon I the top left corner to start snapchatting!

Step Six: Take an appropriate picture of yourself of what you're doing. Megan and I like to send ugly selfies of eachother-sometimes!

Step Seven: Tap the picture to add any words or funny doodles to your picture.

Step Eight: Tap the arrow in the bottom right corner and that will take you to your friend list. Once at your friend list you can choose who you would like to send this to, or you can tap the heading that says "My Story" and send it to everyone!

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