Monday, 17 March 2014

Skype Reflection

1) My group presented the punctuation mini lesson. We came up with clever ways to present it to the kids in a way that they would understand it. We came up with the analogy of driving. The red light represented the end of a sentence where a period would go, the yellow light represented a comma, and the motion of driving around a lot hole represented a question mark. I'm sure the kids did know punctuation before we gave them this analogy, but after seeing their tweets it felt really good to know that they were actually interested in what we ha to say. 

2) I feel like the mini lesson went really well. We taught them as much as we could in about five minutes and with that being said, they definitely knew punctuation before we had taught it to them. The kids were really respectful of us and what we had to say even though we weren't their actual teacher. I think we performed it in a way that was understandable to them and we were also pretty amazed that we came up with some of that as well, because it made sense to everyone. The only weakness we had was that not everyone had a chance to speak. We all had a role in holding something up, we just had such a big group that there wasn't enough time to get everyone to speak. 

3) Through this experience, I learned that there is more to teaching that meets the eye. Not even just teaching, but also public speaking or anything of the sort. You have to make sure that you are using the correct wording for your audience so that it is something that can be easily picked up on by everyone. You have to find a way to speak in which your tone is not condescending or annoyed, as well as being patient. 
4) I think it would be really cool if they taught us something they learned. We taught them about "six word stories" and all of their stories were wonderful. It would be awesome if we got the chance to be the audience to their teaching. 

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