Monday, 17 March 2014

6 Word Memoir - Future

I don't quite know what will come of my future just yet. One thing that I have thought of is that my kids will play basketball. I have been playing ever since I was 8. Basketball has been my outlet when I've been upset or just needed a break from life. It's a place where I can just work off all of my stress. I came to know so many different people from being on different teams and basketball has taught me many life lessons as well. I want my kids to have a coach, just like I did, who strives to make the team a second family, and making responsible young adults. The girls in these pictures became the people that I went to when I was upset and vise versa as well. I would love it if my kids grew up learning about dedication, commitment, loyalty, trust, and sportsmanship. 

                          V. Luff

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