Monday, 17 March 2014

6 Word Memoir - Family

This is a picture that my teacher took of some of the kids in wind ensemble on the last day before winter break of 2013. It has been four years creating my second family. The band room is the place that I am most comfortable. It's where I can let go of my stresses, goof around with friends, and get serious to play music all in one. Within my first two years in this program, I don't think I remember saying a single word. It wasn't until grade eleven that I started talking and now I'm friends with pretty much everyone. It's amazing how close I've grown to these people. I met my best friends in this program, though they're not all in the picture. I consider them to be my second family because they're the ones who help me up when I'm down and I know I would do anything to help them smile on their worst day. 

                          K. Byrne 

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